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Can anyone walk the 50-Mile Kennedy Walk?


Yes, anyone can walk, ride or participate. This walk is now supported by the FreeWalkers ( which is a social network of long distance walkers. You do not have to be a member of FreeWalkers but we encourage you to join. There is no membershio fee and we publish information about our numerous events and the benefits of walking all year long. We are now a 501(c)3 non-profit and accept and appreciate your tax-deductible donations.

The Kennedy50 is a difficult walk, especially if you are aiming to finish the 50 mile journey with us in one day. For this particular walk we require registration and a basic support service. We also offer other attractive options that provide lodging and transportation. There are no rules or guidlines except those that are governed by the C&O Canal Park. Most walkers will start at our scheduled place and time. You can always walk at your own pace and with other walks as you choose.

Please keep in mind that the obective of the event is to walk 50 miles at a time where weather conditions can be difficult and there is a maximum of time to accomplish the 50-miles (all walkers should be finished by 10:00 pm) so we can provide support and assure safety.