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Does it cost anything to participate in the walk?


Yes, this walk requires at least registering for basic support which requires a fee due to the supplies, staff and vehicles requried. Our policy is normally to provide "free" walks where we can. However, due to the difficult conditions of this event we are requiring a fee to help us cover our cost. 

While the event is open to ALL walkers. Everyone should be prepared to be somewhat independent. We will provide basic support water, snacks, fruit, lunch campfires (where possible), and power bars. We also include free celebration party food and drink at end. We also provide portage of one bag forward to the end of the walk and "stop and hop" service where you can ride forward to other stops or drop out and ride to the end. However, most importantly, you should have a back-up resource to help you if you run into a problem. This website merely provides information about the planned walk. 

Our support plan is:

  • Basic support: $ per person (required) - sag supplies, baggage portage, ride backup, t-shirt, celebration party in Harpers Ferry

The most updated information will appear on this website and be sent to the registered list.