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I’m not used to walking that long a distance. How can I train for the event?


This is a difficult walk mainly because it is long and at a time of the year where weather can be a big factor. It appeals to amateur athletes that already walk(or hike), run for recreation or even do marathons and triathlons. The main difference in a distance walk is the length of time and the number of repetitious steps. Most marathoners will complete a run in less than 5 hours. While walking is a much less intense form of exercise, this is nearly two times the distance, three times the length of time and many more times the footsteps.

The most common reason to not complete the distance is exhaustion and/or blisters and foot problems. These can be avoided by proper hydration, nutrition and carefully considering the right shoes and sox. Even so, walking this distance is a difficult task.  For a 50-mile walk, the best form of training is to practice walking by starting a planned program of walking near your home and slowly building, week by week to the point where you can do at least 50% of the distance. This will also give you some indication of whether you have the right clothing and equipment.