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Join the Notables

Anyone who has walked the Kennedy50 knows there are always interesting people that have a special interest in this event. This year we are graced with even more...


Bobby's Granddaughter Kerry

Kerry Kennedy TownsendOur late breaking news on the Kennedy 50-Mile Walk is that Kerry Kennedy Townsend, granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and daughter of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend(former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland) will be attempting to match her grandfather's feat of walking 50-miles along the same C&O Canal towpath at our event.

Kerry, currently a medical student in D.C., is excited and cautiously optimistic about the walking challenge. Like many who have participated in the event, she has has the same strong will and little experience in walking for 17+ hours straight.  But with her running experience, she's confident that her fitness and determination will pay off in the end. She'll certainly be generating a lot of the Kennedy mojo at this event. You know we'll be cheering her on!

When Kerry recently told her grandma, Ethel Kennedy, about the event she was very excited about Kerry participating. Kerry said, "She warned me to bring extra socks because she really thinks that would have helped my grandfather. She still remembers massaging his feet at Camp David." 

And a Pedestrian Historian...

Matthew Algeo, author of Pedestrianism: When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport will also be attempting to complete the 50 miles, perhaps to relive the life of many professional pedestrians he has written about.

Cover of PedestrianismMatthew gave an entertaining talk to a group of FreeWalkers last year about the little-known 19th century sport of pedestrianism. "Peds" were the sports superstars of the late 1800s, displaying their walking prowess and extreme stamina for hours and days to admiring fans in such notable venues as Madison Square Garden. International superstars, big money, betting and booze were all part of the scene which was a forerunner of many public sports today.