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Starting and Finishing

on Tue, 12/06/2016 - 17:10

Official Beginning: The 50-Mile Kennedy Walk begins at the C&O Canal Parking lot @ Anglers Inn, 10790 MacArthur Blvd​, Potomac, MD (across from the Anglers Inn). Reports at the time showed Robert F. Kennedy beginning at the Anglers Inn. You can park here or get dropped off. Permit slip for each car may be required We will fill you in on the details. Plan on arriving at 3:30 for briefing, handouts, and registration. We expect to begin walking at 4:00 a.m.

Other Beginning or Ending Points: Because the walk takes place on the C&O towpath there are limited points of access. This is especially true at you go farther north. We suggest using our schedule as a guide if you would like to participate so that we might be in contact with you and we can help if you run into a problem. We ask that you report to one of the support staff if you arrive at a different starting point. It's always more fun for a walk like this to walk with others, especially in remote areas. Here are a few strategies others have used and you might consider if you would like to walk less than 50 miles:

  • White's Ferry - nearly half-way and around 12:00 noon (mile 21.2) we approach White's Ferry which is one of the few points where you can cross the Potomac between VA and MD. It is a small ferry service which may not be running or at least not often during this time of year. There is an open area, porta-johns, campfire and picnic tables. This is where we plan lunch. We will provide basic sandwiches as part of our support. If you are having problems at this point you might consider dropping out. If you drop out you should have a back-up plan for a pickup or you will need to shuttle along with us until the evening. This is also a good place to start if you woud like to walk about 30 miles to Harpers Ferry.
  • Point of Rocks - We reach Point of Rocks after 36 miles. This is an open area park near a highway intersection that crosses the Potomac so its a busier area with some stores nearby. This will be near dusk and experience shows that this is a critical point for many. The idea of several hours ahead in the dark is daunting for some, especially if you are having problems. Our van service can shuttle you ahead if needed. You can also join here and walk the 14 miles to Harpers Ferry. 
  • Brunswick Camground - about 40 miles gone and 10 to go there is our last support stop before Harpers Ferry. At this point, take full advantage of the support, hopefully catch a campfire and you shoud take a break before heading into the last 10 miles which will be dark and unaccessible.
  • Harpers Ferry Start Out-and-Back Alternative - in the past, several walkers chose to start in Harpers Ferry and then walk south for an out-and-back walk. This is perfectly fine and we count total miles for this type of walk. For, example, if you chose to walk to Brunswick that would be 10 miles plus 10 miles back for a total of 20. Walking to Point of Rocks would be about 32 miles.

Keep in Touch: If you enter or leave the walk anywhere other we ask that you let us know by contacting one of the staff or by phone so we know your whereabouts. A text message is fine if you prefer but let us know who in your party is involved. If you need van support to be picked up call the numbers that will be provided that day or Paul @ 973-214-1811.