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Staying in Harpers Ferry-Updated for 2015!

on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 02:58

Since the walk should take about 17 hours, expect to arrive in Harpers Ferry by 9 p.m. and no later than 10:00 p.m. We officially end at Econo Lodge.

There are several places to stay and it's off season. Here's our recommendation:

The Econo Lodge has 49 rooms, is close to the end of the walk, and is rated as very clean and basic lodging. 

Econo Lodge 
25 Union Street, Harpers Ferry, WV, US, 25425 
website: Click here.
Phone: (304) 535-6391 


Other Harpers Ferry Lodging

We are now recommending everyone stay at the Econo Lodge.  Our travel package will save you money through the FreeWalkers. There are other places that are more like B&Bs in town but this time of the year they may not be open or have limited service. Check directly for more information if you want to books something on your own.

Our first year in 2013 most of us stayed at the Teahorse Hostel in Harpers Ferry. Last year there the hostel was not available. May be available this year but arrangements were not made with them. 

Here's the local guide to staying in or near Harpers Ferry. Stayed in the Econo Lodge in 2009 which was real basic motel. Seems there's better places like B&Bs that might be a little more $ but worth it.

Link to lodging guide