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Staying Saturday in Harpers Ferry

on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 02:28

Since the walk should take about 17 hours, we can expect to arrive in Harpers Ferry around 9 p.m. Any reservations should be made with that in mind. 

Unless you have someone waiting for you or you take advantage of of our $15 p/person shuttle back to the start on Saturday night, you need to consider a stay over in town, where the walk ends. Remember that we will also have an after-party at the Econo Lodge where we expect participants will be staying.

There is no mass transportation running from Harpers Ferry in the evening. On Sunday there is only one train that leaves Harpers Ferry headed to Union Station at approximately 11:00 am. This is a proven way to return to the metro area but the train arrival can be late at times. Other options this year might be pooling with others for an Uber ride. NOTE: FreeWalkers mo longer provides a ride service from Harpers Ferry on Sunday - you must arrange on your own.

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Econo Lodge - 2017 FreeWalkers Discounted Accommodations 

Front of Econo Lodge
The FreeWalkers are hold a group of rooms which are priced at a discount of $88 - mention "FreeWalkers" to get the rate. This place has been rated highly as a clean and basic motel. Last year the FreeWalkers used this place and were fully satisfied. They provide us a group discount, a place where we can gather after the walk and free continental breakfast. There's plenty of rooms and this is really the only motel close to town. Beds are usually at least queen size. It might be wise to double-up with someone else to save. The place is quiet and comfortable for a night's stay. This is where the event ends on Saturday night for pizza and drinks which makes staying here very convenient.

The Town's Inn

There are other places like B&Bs in town but most are either closed for the season or have limited accommodations. Several FreeWalkers have stayed in the Town's Inn, which is near the tourist end of town. This place is like a B&B, has really two places that offer accommodations. Heritage House seems like the main better rooms. The Mountain House has rooms and looks like a crash/hostel room of several twin beds where you pay for a bed. Expect room prices to be higher and limited in availability.

The Teahorse Hostel

The Teahorse is a hostel with two bigger rooms. Two years ago the FreeWalkers used this facility for our accommodations. One main room sleeps about 10 and and another about 6. The accommodations are very basic and limited. Room prices are reasonable but lack privacy and are no better value than what we can get at the Econo Lodge as a group. Nevertheless, if you want a different experience you might explore this option.