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Support Details for 2017

on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 05:00

Ticket packages for Kennedy50 2017

We will provide supplies, portage, relief rides (if needed), t-shirt and final celebration party at end. Support & registration fee to be paid online or at the start but is included in the Travel One and Travel Two packages. Limitations to the number of participants may apply so be sure to register sooner than later. Support service is requried if you want to utilize any part of our support. While FreeWalkers always tries to provide a free option for events, we feel participation in this particular event  requires extraoridnary support due to the harsh and challenging conditions of this event and the need for staff and equipment. Walkers taking advantage of either of the FreeWalker travel arrangement packages do not need to pay the basic support fee which is already included in those two arrangements.

Here are details for the 4 choices of support for all participant in this year's event. You will be asked to choose a support plan when you register:

  1. Saturday Support Service ($50) - support only during the event - includes food supplies, water, portage of bags, shuttle car service if needed and after-party. 
  2. Saturday Support Service Plus ($65) - same as #1 but with guaranteed ride back to start from Harpers Ferry on Saturday night.
  3. Travel Package One ($100) - includes all Saturday support plus Friday overnight stay in Lockhouse#10, dinner and with pick up in Betheseda, drop off at start and ride back on Saturday night.
  4. Travel Package Two - ($150) - includes all Saturday support plus Friday & Saturday overnight stays in Lockhouse#6, dinner, pick up in Betheseda, drop off at start and ride back on Saturday night, Sunday ride.

Support places during the event:

We have vehicles that will coordinate with walkers on February 4, 2017. There are several accessible points to the C&O Canal along the way which are noted in the schedule. We now have identified the six *primary contact points to depend on:

  • Start - in Anglers Inn C&O parking lot (across from Anglers Inn) we pick up the C&O towpath trail almost immediately.
  • Pennyfield Lock - lockhouse 22 - Milepost 19.7 - about 5 miles - Lockhouse open to FreeWalkers for rest/shelter, supplies
  • Poolesville  - Lockhouse 25 - Milepost 30.9 - about mile 17 - Lockhouse open to FreeWalkers for rest/shelter, supplies
  • White's Ferry - Milepost 35.5 - about mile 22 - supplies / lunch if you choose
     (note we will provide sandwiches for lunch here). Ferry can be closed in extreme conditions. Leesburg, Virginia is a major area closeby. 
  • Point of Rocks - Milepost 48 - supplies, call for transfers/pick-up, 
  • Lockhouse 28 - Milepost 49 - about mile 35 - Lockhouse open to FreeWalkers for rest/shelter - supplies - just beyond Point of Rocks
  • Brunswick - Milepost 55 - about mile 40 - supplies, campfire, DIY first aid

*Other access points are available if needed but walkers must call their support car to request a special stop - see schedule for other points.

The services we are hoping to provide include water, power bars, lunch sandwiches, portage of personal baggage, basic bandages/first aid, and "drop and hop" service - i.e., rides for drop outs or to move slower walkers ahead to stay on schedule. Note that any rides provided must be moved ahead not reversed. Anyone needing a ride to the end must remain with the vehicle until the end of the trip.

Rides will be provided as needed to move any distressed registered walker - but may be limited to logistics. 

NOTE: Further instructions on support will be given at the briefing before the event. Please arrive at least by 3:30 for the event briefing and preparation.