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Transportation Support

on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 21:53

Due to the distance and complications of this event we offer some transportation service to help our pariticipants. Note that some services provided in the past may have been changed or discontinued.

Friday Transportation Service

Our van will run a pick up at 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.(by request) from Bethesda Metro to Lockhouse #10 and #6 for anyone registered for the Travel Packages One and Two where they will be staying overnight at our canalhouses. 

Getting to the Start - Anglers Inn (C&O parking lot), Potomac MD

Saturday at 3:00 a.m, a car or a van will pick up participants from lockhouses 6 and 10 and bring them to the Anglers Inn for our 3:30 a.m.registration and briefing (we start walking at 4:00 a.m.). 

Ongoing Van Support

A van will provide the primary support of carrying most supplies, portage of bags, and shuttling walkers, if needed. There are two general scenarios that might require shuttling: 

  • Hop and Drop - this is where someone is not able to keep a reasonable pace to meet the 10 p.m. deadline in Harpers Ferry. In this case, a participant can take advantage of the van and move up to another stop and skip some miles, this would shorten the walk but allow them to finish on time. We reserve the right to insist that slow walkers use this assistance we provide.
  • Disabilities - if you are hurting badly or are exhausted, we offer a ride all the way to Harpers Ferry. Keep in mind that if you want to fully bail out and would like to head home you must arrange that with someone else - i.e., have a back-up plan. Also, any rider to Harpers Ferry must wait until walkers are finished since the van will need to service other walkers. You will not be able to get to Harpers Ferry before the group does.

Shuttle Return Ride - Saturday Night

We will have a shuttle going back to the start and Bethesda Metro. You must make a reservation for this and there is an additional fee of $15 per person if you are just using the Saturday Support Services. Travel Packages do not need to pay this fee. The shuttles will start leaving at approximaely 10 p.m. so please be on time. Other shuttles will begin when they are adequately filled.

NOTE: There is no FreeWalkers transportation service provided on Sunday from Harpers Ferry (formerly provided in past years)

We suggest if you stay in Harpers Ferry on Saturday that you utilize the 11:00 am train to Washington DC or plan an Uber ride with others back.