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What's it like to walk these 50 miles?


Walking 50 miles in one day, even in the best of conditions, is a difficult task. Keep in mind that this is the middle of the winter and weather will be a factor. Robert F. Kennedy took 17 hours and 50 minutes when he walked this route in 1963 - it was cold and the path was both icy and muddy - but it is flat. We feel that this is a reasonable goal for anyone wanting to try the 50 Mile Kennedy Walk with the group of us. This would represent a steady but not slow walking pace (about 2.8 mph) that most fit individudals can acheive. The key factor, however, is to keep the pace going and minimize long breaks.

While we hope to start as a group together, our experience shows that people pair off in smaller groups for various reasons, such as pace and conversation. Keep in mind that this is not a race. Others have walked (or even ran) this distance in hours less time. Again, a reasonable objective and something that would at least help appreciate Booby's feat would be to reach Harpers Ferry in about 17 or 18 hours.